As you can guess by the name

the Odyssee is very easy to find:


by car

by train 

No doubt that a map of the city would be a useful investment.   
But for your first orientation the links below
give you access to several maps. 
Berlin has two main stations - if possible you should choose BERLIN OSTBAHNHOF as arrival station. From there Bus 240 takes you directly to our place - get off at "Gruenberger Str." From  BERLIN ZOO first take the S-Bahn (city train) to OSTBAHNHOF.

Print your own map of Berlin, browse for locations.

Helpful could be the train information of Deutsche Bundesbahn.

This handmade map leads to the hidden treasures in our neighbourhood.

Clicking here provides you with a map of Berlins public transport system.

WEB.DE route - finder:
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