The Odyssee

(a recipe)

The C(r)ooks:






Take 84 beds, several tables, chairs, lockers, stir and dish it up in roomsized portions... - don't forget the bar! Give the walls a shot of color, add a billiard, table-soccer, a spoonfull of games to taste, garnish with a fridge (well stuffed, of course), simmer in some hot music, prepare the Internet-access for dessert, meanwhile keep the TV cool in an extra room... ready to be served! The cook's opinion: yummy! and the guestbook (already grown fat) proves it. You can guess why: there's no artificial flavourings and preservatives in it.


The history:

Our Odyssey through the rough sea of Berlin's real estate market looking for the perfect building and an open-minded landlord had already been going on for 2 years, when in early 1998 we were struck by the sirens call in Grünberger Str. 23.
We had planned to take off on April 1st - good joke though...
The paint hadn't dried yet, when the first castaways climbed on board through the grapewine. And having organised the first chaos bit by bit, the Odyssee soon gathered speed.


Let's have a look what's on board:


High-speed Internet-access!

Most important to stay in touch with your caring parents, longing girl- or boyfriend, lost companions or whoever... You want it - we have it!
And we have a super-fast 2Mbit connection, so you're not paying for watching the clock...


The Bar

is the place where everybody meets and therefore the heart of a good hostel! The one at the Odyssee is real handmade craftsman's work made by Frank out of ancient ammunition-boxes screwed together. The bar is open till dawn and offers a whole lot of reasonable-priced drinks.
Caution: we reject all responsibility for any health damage caused by abuse of alcohol. 



Rumor has it that there are addicts who even on holidays can't live without it. Sure that we don't want innocents to be afflicted,
so we locked the dangerous thing in an extra room where you can administer yourself your daily dose of commercials, sports and the weather forecast. 


The Billiard-table

is just passing through the first examinations by Jan. (And doesn't it look real big compared to Jan? ;-)

Unfortunately all the pictures we took of the table-soccer were too blurred to expose them to the public, the table is just too busy all the time...


Your luggage is safe at the Odyssee. Store your things in our heavy-duty-metal-you're-not-going-to-break-me-lockers.


The best way to explore the city is by bicycle. It takes you to whatever place and stops whenever you want. Rent yours at the Odyssee!


Nothing clean to wear?

Good news and bad news... we've got no laundry in the house, but two of them just across the street.


...and by the way, concerning across the street:
What is left of the Berlin Wall stands - against all expectations - not at Kurfuerstendamm, Zoo Station or the Potsdamer Platz, but just 5 minutes from our place along the river Spree.